Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 12/22/12
Meeting to Order
Time: 5:30 p.m.



Wayne & Sylvia

Old Business: 

Club Trustee: Copies of original trustee license will be made for all repeater locations. Copies were made and laminated. Wayne will deliver to all repeater locations soon.

Coordination: Dues for 2012-13 were sent already to both repeater committees - WPRC $15/year x 2 repeaters x 2 years = $60 and ARRC $$25/year x 2 years = $50

Tri-County Rural Electric Coop Bill: Nothing was pursued with regard to requesting a lower bill for our emergency efforts and the subject has been dropped. This subject has been dropped again and the motion is tabled indefinitely.

Tower Hill (Tioga): The power supply has been repaired by Jim. It needed new diodes.

New Business :

Checking Account: Due income is expected to be $220. We no longer receive electric compesation from Dave at the Tioga site as his machine has been down since July of 2011. He informed us in January of 2012 and paid half the bill up to November of 2011. Since Dave's 6 meter repeater status has not changed, he will no longer be billed for electric. He plans to take the machine out of the building soon. Because of this lack of income, it is estimated that the checkbook will run out of funds by June or July of 2013. We will be looking into alternate tower/building location to avoid this one electric bill altogether.

Membership Dues: Dues were collected at $20 per member. Members not present will be notified about dues via email or phone. Membership Cards will be made available to those not at the meeting.

For 2013. Motion made to keep the officers the same. Vote unanimous: Roger Fisher, President; Wayne Williams, Vice-President; Audrey Graham, Sec/Treas.

Next Meeting
: Tentatively scheduled for a BBQ in August at Ives Run or Cowanesque Lake. We'll check around for a weekend as we get closer.

Winter: We have made it through the last several winters without heating the unheated buildings and will continue to not be concerned with heaters in the repeater locations.

ARRL: We took a survey of members who are also currently ARRL members, as we are going to reapply as an organization.


Meeting Closed
Time: 6:45 p.m.