Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 12/3/06
Meeting to Order
Time: 3:45 p.m.


Wayne & Sylvia
Bill & Kathleen

Old Business : 

Checkbook: Tri-Co monthly bills & payments from Dave for electric
Wayne picked up a few repeaters and 5 link radios (all the same)
Old controllers - out. PL boards - upgraded. All will be official GE Controllers.
New Member: Kathleen Merkle, KB3NPC
.325 - CAT400 for Wellsboro - Main Controller (Hub). GE MSTR II Base Station. Pending upgrade - Mid-December
.300 - CAT200 in Coudersport - GE MSTR II Base Station. Pending upgrade - Mid-December
.625 - CAT200 in Tioga - Pending upgrade.
.345 - RLC1 in Galeton - Leon finished. GE MSTR II Base Station. Upgraded Mid-November

New Business: 

Working to standardize all repeater locations. Hub=Cat400"
All others = out with the Cat200; in with GE Master II Base Stations.
.300 having issues. Power Amp is out. 16/40 watt output. ETA on repairs - Mid-December
.325 (hub) next to be standardized. ETA Mid-December
.345 completed in November. The old Cat200 w/ GE MII Base is at the Tioga Site as a spare .625
PL 131.8 for all repeaters. This will be announced through the system hourly.
GE MII manuals are at each site. Roger and Adriaan each have a copy as well.
Manual and Software for the CAT400 controller is with Leon.
Payments for dues and PL information is to be sent to the East/West Coordination Committees.

Meeting Closed
Time: 5:05 p.m.