Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 4/13/2003
Meeting to Order
Time: 6:13 P.M.



Old Business: 

Wayne started selling used equipment on ebay.
Wayne called Leon to link his system. Leon is too busy right now.
Invoice was sent to Dave Shultz for his share of electric bill.
Pagers: Tycom is off the tower as of December 6th, 2002.
IRLP: Wayne investigated the requirements to start IRLP, he has the hardware and has lined up Howard Hunt to assist in assembly. Emergency Management gave permission to use high speed access. Wayne will also link to the 440 system.

New Business:

Wayne will continue to sell used equipment on ebay. Dan will embed links to track sightseers.
Wayne will keep in touch with Leon regarding linking to his system.
Alison will email an invoice to Dave Schultz for his share of the electric bill for Jan, Feb, Mar 2003.
Audrey will list Hamfests on the NTRS website.
WPRC – 2003 dues are due, Audrey will check on our status via email.
ARRL – sent the club a free DVD - A.M. Radio Today, Roger will review and pass along to interested members.
Letter from youth regarding QSL and 6 meter contest, we are not able to comply.
NTRS Membership dues are due—June 2002.
Discussed bank donating an account to NTRS as charitable contribution.
Every second Monday Emergency Management holds a meeting in Coudersport.
Bill discussed his expertise with Elctro-magnetic suitcase bombs and suggested storing sensitive equipment in faraday cases for emergency backup.
Adriaan discussed the patch panel that his club in Florida built for emergency backup procedures.
All members discussed feasibility of assembling a repeater in emergency situations, the club has enough spare parts to assemble a repeater if necessary.
625 Spare is being returned from Coudersport and is ready to plug and play in an emergency.
Dan download FCC database for testing operators. He suggested the NTRS include a copy of the test as a courtesy. We could offer the test and suggest a donation to help the club with funding.
The club now has 2 VE’s – for giving tests.
Bill discussed the state fire towers being removed and is interested in finding more information about them. NTRS currently has 2 full sets of towers. It is noted that Harrisburg has a wholesale auction of these types of used government materials.
Next Meeting: Sunday August 10th, Germania at the Arbeider’s for a BBQ at 3:00 p.m. and meeting to follow.
A map and directions will be added to the website for those wishing to attend but do not know the location of the Arbeider’s home.

Meeting Closed
Time: 7:15 P.M.