Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 6/24/2020
Location:  Zoom Virtual Meeting

Call to Order at 7:05 PM by acting President Wayne Williams

Members Present:

Ryan & Sarah
Wayne & Sylvia

Old Business:

Audrey read brief secretaries report from last meeting that was held in 2016, $245.35 in checkbook

New Business:

Roger Fisher, President of NTRS, became a Silent Key on 6/9/20
Wayne, Acting President, opened the floor for election of new officers
Ryan was voted President
Michael Perry – Vice President
Sarah Giles – Secretary/Treasurer
Also voted to make Ryan the Repeater Trustee for the club license
Transition of Our Two Tioga County Repeaters: Lengthy discussion on the move of the Tioga County Repeaters 146.625 (Jackson Summit) and the 447.325 plus Hub (Wellsboro).  We were informed by Dave Cohick, Tioga County Emergency Services Director, that we would need to vacate the Dutch Hill Tower site in Wellsboro as they are no longer allowing any private repeaters on County towers.  The Tower Hill site in Jackson Summit had already been vacated as the tower was rendered unsafe and was torn down, demolishing the .625 antenna that we were not allowed to retrieve.   The .625 is presently located on the Morris Fire Tower on a loaner County antenna, as it was used for last year’s road rally.  It also must be vacated.

Ryan has been working with the Tioga County Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (TCARC) to find homes for our two Tioga County Repeaters.  It has been determined the Hub and 440 Repeater will be re-located the TCARC tower on Cedar Mountain outside of Gaines and 625 will be re-located to Butter’s Property outside of Mansfield just above the former State Police Barracks along with shelter that is on Tower Hill.  Wayne has offered to move the shelter with his rollback to the new location along with many extra parts and antennas from his shop.  Ryan will work with the TCARC group to setup a time to get the equipment move that will work with Wayne’s schedule.
Annual club dues:  were discussed and was decided to remain the same at $20.00 a year per individual.  Will discuss at another meeting if any changes need to be made.  Members not present at meeting will be notified of dues and mailed an application.  The club address will be changed to Ryan’s home address, where dues can be sent.  New club email also.  Website remains the same.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 PM