Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 7/28/07
Meeting to Order
Time: 4:15 p.m.


Wayne & Sylvia
Adriaan & Nancy
Bill & Kathleen

Old Business: 

Working to standardize all repeater locations. Hub=Cat400"
PL 131.8 for all repeaters. This will be announced through the system hourly (in the future)

New Business : 

Checking Account: Treasurer brought members up to speed on the current condition of the account. Monthly electric payments are being made to Tri-County REC for the Tower Hill site (the only site where we are required to care for the electric). The total payments for 2007 are estimated to be $500 ($41.32 ave/mo). Membership dues generate approximately $200 in annual revenue. Dave Shultz (who shares repeater space on Tower Hill) pays 1/2 the Tri-County REC Electric Bill (currently being billed for 2007). This leaves an estimated deficit for 2007 of $50.
Membership Dues: In order to cover expenses above, dues have been simplified to $20 per person (regardless of age, status or number in family). Dues for 2007 were collected at the old rate (some members having already paid in advance) The online membership application will be updated accordingly.
New Member: Therese Aigner, Call Sign Pending - Sabinsville, PA
Coordination: Payments for dues and PL information is to be sent to the East/West Coordination Committees.
Ham Classes: For the next class, contact Jim Santini of the Coudersport Club
ARRL Exams: It was suggested to learn at home on your computer instead with Ham University.

Meeting Closed
Time: 5:05 p.m.