Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 7/29/08
Meeting to Order
Time: 5:30 p.m.


Wayne & Sylvia
Adriaan & Nancy
Bill & Kathleen

Old Business: 

Repeaters: PL 131.8 for all repeaters except the 443.300 which cannot currently have a PL
Checking Account: Treasurer brought members up to speed on the current condition of the account. Monthly electric payments are being made to Tri-County REC . The total payments for 2008 are estimated to be $500 ($41.32 ave/mo). Membership dues now generate approximately $300 or so in annual revenue. A fellow repeater pays 1/2 the Tri-County REC Electric Bill, leaving us with payments of approximately $250. Figuring in our Coordination dues, we still will run a slight deficit, but it's better than it was before with our new dues.
Membership Dues: Dues we collected at our new rate of $20 per person and membership cards and certificates were handed out. Members not present will be notified about dues via email, letter or phone. Their membership cards and certificates will be mailed following payment.
Payments for dues for 2006, 2007 & 2008 was sent to the East/West Coordination Committees. $60 to WPRC and $75 to ARCC last October.

New Business : 

New Members: Bradly Carlin, N3MZS of Ulysses; Skip Kauffman, K3CC of Coudersport; and Jim Lucy, KB3RFY of Gaines.
Deceased Member: Thomas Holcombe, KB3IBU of Gaines died last December.
Newly Licensed Member: Therese Aigner is now officially an amateur operator.
Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for November 15 at the Graham's in Osceola.
Officers: Remain the same for 2008 - Roger Fisher, President; Wayne Williams, Vice-President; Audrey Graham, Sec/Treas.

Meeting Closed
Time: 5:45 p.m.