Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 8/10/2003
Meeting to Order
Time: 6:03 P.M.



Old Business : 

Discussed selling old equipment on ebay - Wayne couldn’t find time to sell items. Wayne suggested selling in trade magazines. Adriaan Suggested selling on
Leon now has his repeater setup and he now made arrangements to maintain our equipment. Leon will be fine tuning all repeaters. Leon will not discuss linking till he asseses our current equipment.
Dave has payed his Nov Dec Jan payments. We need from Feb till today. Wayne is going to check with Audrey to confirm what dave has payed.
Audrey listed Hamfests on website.
WPRC dues were due - Checking with Audrey on Status.
ARRL DVD is available to interested members. A.M. Radio Today
Henry Baum (child attempting QSL) has not been contacted. The club cannot comply.
NTRS Memberships were due for June 2002. Audrey will contact members who have not contributed for this year.
Audrey will check with bank if NTRS can receive a charitable bank account with no fees. C&N Bank
Every 2nd Monday Coudersport’s Ham Club meets.
We discussed using faraday cases to protect radio equipment from Electro Magnetic Bombs.
The 625 is not in the clubs possession at the moment but Wayne will retrieve it shortly.
The club now has 2 VE’s for giving tests.

New Business: 

Club parking fund drive at the Tioga County Early Days is coming up. We need volunteers to help on Sept 13 & 14.
Date for the next meeting... Dec 7 03. 5:00pm At Wayne’s House. 
We discussed Setting up a booth at the Elmira Hamfest Sept 27 03, volunteers may bring any items they wish to sell. Please volunteer.

Meeting Closed
Time: 7:05pm