Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 8/11/13
Meeting to Order
Time: 4:20 p.m.


Members Present: 

Jim & Reita
Wayne & Sylvia

Old Business: 

Club Trustee: Copies of original trustee license have been made for all repeater locations. They will be delivered to all repeater locations soon.

Coordination: Dues paid in advance for 2013

Tower Hill (Tioga): Dave, the owner of the 6 meter repeater that was on site, has moved out of the area. His repeater is down (and assumed removed) and he is no longer paying electric on the site.

New Business :

Checking Account: Dues income is $220 so far. A donation was made of $200 toward our electric bill. It was decided to allow membership dues to remain unchanged, as they reflect the same amount as other local clubs to the east/west of us.

Donations: Member Jack Detleff has recently moved and donated equipment to the NTRS. A signal generator is currently on ebay and other equipment is available. See Jim or Wayne if you believe any of it may interest you.

Membership Dues: Dues were collected at $20 per member. Members not present will be notified about dues via email or phone. Membership Cards will be made available to those not at the meeting. An updated application has been made and is available online.

New Membership: We welcomed a new member to our club: Frank Fisher - KC3AJO. Jim's wife Reita Lucy also joined our club, though waiting to take her exam. Therese encouraged membership by suggesting that we be open to non-licensed individuals who are interested in amateur radio and in the spirit of getting them involved and helping them to become licensed.

For 2013. Motion made to keep the officers the same. Vote unanimous: Roger Fisher, President; Wayne Williams, Vice-President; Audrey Graham, Sec/Treas.

Next Meeting
: Tentatively scheduled for a BBQ in August at Cowanesque Lake. We'll check around for a weekend as we get closer.

ARRL: Our affiliated club renewal was processed on 8/5/2013 and we now show up in ARRL affliated club searches again.


Meeting Closed
Time: 5:00 p.m.