Northern Tier Repeater System
NTRS Meeting Minutes
Date: 9/27/09
Meeting to Order
Time: 5:30 p.m.



Wayne & Sylvia
Adriaan & Nancy
Bill & Kathleen


Old Business: 

No New Members since the last meeting
Meeting for November 15, 2008 at the Graham's was snowed out.

New Business : 

PL for Repeaters: The plan is eventually to have a PL 131.8 for all repeaters. A chip was purchased for the Coudersport machine, as it did not have the ability to have a PL in the past. Plans are to add this chip in the near future. Galeton and Tioga already have the desired PL, and the PL in Wellsboro hopes to be changed to match the PL of our entire system.

Interference in Coudersport: The 300 machine has been shut down due to interference. It was suggested by our technician at the time that the Yagi antenna had moisture in the hardline connection. We have a climber that plans to remove the antenna, cut the hardline and reconnect. We are hoping this will be a resolution and we will back online soon.

Club License Renewal: $7.00 was sent to W5YI VEC to renew our club license. It was received on 7/13/09 and signed by our current trustee, Adriaan. CONGRATULATION ON OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Club Trustee:
Adriaan, our current trustee, raised a concern about being out of the country a large part of the year. By not being available to monitor the system, he felt he should step down and allow a fellow member with an advanced license to take over the position. Jim, though not present, accepted the post. It was agreed by fellow members to change our Trustee to James Lucy. Paperwork will be put through for this change.

Payments for dues for 2009, 2010 & 2011 will be sent to the East/West Coordination Committees. $90 to WPRC ($15 per repeater per year) and $75 ($25 per group per year) to ARCC on September 28.

Shared Site on Tower Hill: Our 625 repeater in Tioga is the only site where we have an electric bill. This site is shared by two other repeater operators from a Wellsboro Club. One operator has a repeater running at this location all year round and thus shares our electric bill 50/50. The other operator holds the lease to our small chunk of land/tower space, though we each have our own building. He also pays the insurance for the site. We are not aware of details or costs of either of these transactions, but it had been agreed upon years ago that we would trade his lease/insurance for our electric, as the TRI-CO REC bill is in our name. In the past he has randomly placed repeaters in his building adjacent to ours, for testing purposes. Otherwise, his activity has been minimal.

Tri-County Rural Electric Coop Bill
: It was noted by members that the usage for electric at the Tower Hill site went up in July. We generally use 234 kWh per month at most. In July, the usage went up to 350 kWh and appears to be holding there. The secretary reported this to the vice president when the first spike occurred on the bill dated 7/17/09. Since it had not gone down after three consecutive bills, a group from the club will investigate, to be sure that there is not any sort of problem (i.e. air condition left running, etc.). It was also noted that the operator holding the lease/insurance mentioned above has recently put a repeater in the adjacent building. It was assumed that he plans to leave it there. This may be what has caused the additional usage. This spike has caused an additional charge of approximately $18 per month. Prior to this, the other two repeaters were paying $20.66 each per month. We realize now that they will each be paying more. Because we do not know what caused the increase in usage, and because we do not know what the monetary cost of lease/insurance is, and because of the agreement made in the past, members agreed that paying for the third repeater is not a problem at this time. It may be an equitable trade for the other two repeaters (electric vs. lease/insurance).

Checking Account:
Balance after coordination dues and electric bills to October - $200+. Treasurer explained that after collecting member dues plus procuring our 2009 payment from the repeater that shares our Tri-County REC bill, our balance will be approximately $800 which brings us closer to where we were when we began 2009. With increased electric bills, we may not be able to hold our own in 2010.

Use of Repeaters Encouraged: Kathy spoke up at the meeting to encourage all members to use the radio more often. She feels that we have gotten away from using our own system and that in case of emergency down the road, we should remain fresh and vigilant now. She also would like the opportunity to contact and communicate with all members via our system for friendly conversation. After all, this is our hobby, right?

Membership Dues:
Dues were collected at $20 per member, and membership certificates and cards were handed out. Members not present will be notified about dues via email or phone. Their certificates and cards will be mailed following payment.

For 2009/10 - Roger Fisher, President; Wayne Williams, Vice-President; Audrey Graham, Sec/Treas.

Next Meeting
: Tentatively scheduled for July at the Graham's in Osceola.


Meeting Closed
Time: 6:30 p.m.