Located in North Central Pennsylvania, our repeater system covers
the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York.
Two of our repeaters are located in Tioga County:  Jackson Summit & Wellsboro
And two in Potter County:  Galeton & Coudersport

If you are interested in joining our club, please fill out our form and mail it
with a check payable to N.T.R.S. and we'll be happy to send out
a membership packet right away.  Click here to JOIN N.T.R.S.

This site was designed primary to let local hams know about the N.T.R.S.
Your visit has been much appreciated.
We hope you tell your friends about us and come back again.

Northern Tier Repeater System
204 Tuscarora Rd
Osceola, PA  16942

Email:  ntrs@stny.rr.com

Northern Tier Repeater System
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Email:  ntrs@stny.rr.com
Roger Fisher, N3VHC, President
Wayne Williams, KB3DQP, Vice-President
Audrey Graham, KB3DOK, Sec-Treas

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